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Folksonomy, Ajax FUD and crazy elevator hacks

Posted by navaneeth on August 16, 2005 at 1:01 AM PDT

If you are interested in social software, here is a discussion you must listen to. It is titled
“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mess” And if you are wondering what Folksnomy is, here is a great article I would recommend: ”Ontology is Overrated:Categories, Links, and Tags”

“Using the XMLHttpRequest Object and AJAX to Spy On You” is plain FUD. Ajax has neither increased nor decreased privacy concerns. In fact Ajax is just a clever way of combining already existing technologies to create better websites. The author's claims seem baseless.

Someone pointed me to this “Elevator hack”. Apparently, certain models of Otis elevators can be made to bypass all floors except the one you want to go to, by simultaneously pressing the “door close” and the floor number buttons. Hmm .. now that's something worth trying :)

I have heard other claims too; Some bizarre, like jumping up and down inside a moving elevator. The elevator, it is said, has sensors to detect abrupt jerks. If you can create sufficient impact by jumping, you can fool the sensor to bring the elevator to a screeching halt. The only elevator hack (feature!) that I have seen working is pressing the door close button continuously to bypass desired floors. However, I have seen only an authorized operator doing it and I didn't notice if he had a key.

While most of these so-called "elevator hacks" seem to be urban legends at best, the next time you find yourself alone in an elevator you know what to do ;)

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