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Swing Can Really Hang You Up the Most

Posted by editor on August 26, 2005 at 7:00 AM PDT

A burst of Swing activity

Usually when I pick items for the front page, I look for balance: a little enterprise here, a dash of J2ME there, mix up the patterns and the testing between the AIJT's and P&C's... that way, there's something for everyone, and a sense of Java's breadth, ubuiquity, and applicability.

But the last few weblogs offered such a rare occurrance, a cosmic alignment, that I just couldn't resist: three blogs, all on the same day, on the same topic. Sure, it happens when there's news (like when Harmony was announced and everyone rushed to praise/condemn it), but this is a case where all the bloggers are acting independently. Moreover, they're blogging about Swing, the much-used and sometimes-bashed GUI framework whose story seemed to have been told years ago, and yet hangs around, perhaps because it's so flexible and extensible.

In the first of today's Swing Weblog trifecta, Romain Guy praises
Kickin', rockin', jammin' FX for Swing:
"SwingLabs provides a variety of awesome components and frameworks. It now brings cool eye-candy effects for your Swing apps."

Hans Muller says
Using Swing's JFormattedTextField for integers is not as trivial as it should be:
"Recently, the JDNC forum has hosted some spirited discussion about using Swing JFormattedTextFields for decimal input/output. I'd written a blog on a similar topic about 8 months ago and forgotten to actually publish it. So here it is!"

As for the future of Swing, Scott Violet asks
Should we generify Swing's filtering and sorting?:
"We want to know, will generifying Swing's filtering and sorting API in mustang help or confuse you?"

In Also in
Java Today
O'Reilly's ITConversations Pick of the Week brings you "new ideas through your headphones" from the ITConversations site. In Developer Testing, "Kent Beck describes the situation in which companies wait until the day that the software isn't 'shaking' and that's the day they do a release." This presentation was recorded at the Developer Testing Forum held in Palo Alto, California, November 17th, 2004.

Java is built to support internationalization, but is your application using its features? In Internationalization, Part 1, an excerpt from Java Examples in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, David Flanagan looks at Java's support for displaying text in the local language, and for using local standards for time, currency, and other customs that may vary from one locale to another.

The new poll asks "How active are you in projects?" Cast your vote on the front page, then join the discussion on the results page.

In Projects and

if you maintain a project, you may have dealt with a mailing list problem where a non-subscriber tries to post to a moderated list. As Kohsuke Kawaguchi explains in Handling moderation e-mails automatically, he and Ryan Shoemaker have created an auto-responder to ask such posters to subscribe first.

Two key web application JSR's have reached propsed final draft status: JavaServer Faces 1.2 and JavaServer pages 2.1. Ed Burns' blog has a high-level overview of the changes in each, and solicits feedback via the JSF forum. The new features are already available in GlassFish's JSF implementation.

In today's Forums, the Mobicents forum is talking about the new Google Talk.

In Google Talk - Jabber RA? ivelin writes:
"Google got on the VoIP bandwagon too. A few weeks after Yahoo! made their move. The initial feedback I am hearing on Google Talk is: Good: 1) Supports Jabber's XMPP, which is open source and well supported 2) Plans to implement SIP for IM and Voice 3) Supports many free clients. Not so good: 4) Uses a proprietary extension to XMPP for voice, but it will be documented 5) Echo cancelation is not implemented yet So, anyone interested to write a Jabber RA?"

The Your Java Career forum has a new thread on
"Have you recently come to Java from another language? Are you thinking about leaving Java in favor of some other language? This topic is meant to discuss migrating to or from Java: how to do it, where to go for more information, what effect it will have on your career, etc."

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A burst of Swing activity