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Emerging Robotics Standards through OMG

Posted by bboyes on September 13, 2005 at 7:01 AM PDT

... an RFI has been published and the deadline for response is 2005 Nov 14. I'm writing this from the 2005 Sep OMG meeting in Atlanta, where an initial RFP is being hammered out.

You can download the RFI and get more details here:

Anyone with practical knowledge of robotics is welcome to respond -- you don't have to be an OMG member. My company, Systronix, just joined the OMG and is very interested in participating in development of these standards. I'm speaking tomorrow on the topic of teaching Java robotics at the university level. It would be great to teach students robotics on small, affordable platforms, and have their work carry over easily to a variety of larger, commercial robotics platforms.

It would also be great if the robotics community would work on an open source reference implementation of these emerging standards. I'll start such a project ASAP and post results from this week's meeting here in Atlanta. (Other OMG members are already implementing their work in Java.)

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