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Usages tree view for NetBeans

Posted by timboudreau on September 13, 2005 at 8:38 PM PDT

Well, I am shamed - some months ago I mentioned that I'd started work on a Usages Tree view for NetBeans. I started on the project, and shelved it with the hundreds of other weekend coding projects I have. Someone recently mentioned this on JavaLobby - and that the plugin had never appeared.

So last night I wrote it, and you can download it here. AFAIK it's solid, but I wrote it from start to finish less than 10 hours ago, so a wart or two is possible.

It's testimony to NetBeans APIs that it took me about 3 hours to write (most of that time testing things), and the entire module is a single .java file plus some icon image files.

The source is in contrib/javaUsagesNavigator on, and of course, covered by the open source Sun Public License as is the binary.

It's probably a testament to the power of the internet that I can do this from a hotel in Beijing while I'm on a business trip :-)

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