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On the Outside

Posted by editor on September 15, 2005 at 7:47 AM PDT

Great examples of Java gaming and video

Someone sent me the link for The Big Ad the other day. Assuming you're not from Australia and haven't seen it, this is a beer advertisement that parodies lavish, over-produced ads. It looks, and sounds, like something from the Lord of the Rings movies:


Here's the cool part for us: it's playing on your screen in Java. You probably figured that out from the trusted applet dialog:


If you're wondering how it's done, you can Google for "Vividas", the company that makes the streaming player. Their web page has more examples, but not a lot of details on the Java end. In fact, one point I did find interesting was in a financial statement, and it's this:

The current commercial version of the Vividas streaming player generally requires the presence of Java on the user