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L&F getting active! Substantially!

Posted by herkules on September 16, 2005 at 7:46 AM PDT

Surprise, surprise! L&Fs today don't just look nice. Some add new features to the GUI:

When I started the daily build of NetBeans with my preferred configuration I noticed a small new button in the menubar. I tried it out. It allows to find and activate any menu item that contains a certain text. For each menuitem a small button with a descriptive tooltip is added. Pushing it drops down the resp. menu. How cool! These NetBeans guys .... ts ts ts.... :)

A moment later I figured out that not NetBeans was doing the magic ... jEdit suddenly had the same feature.

In fact, the Substance L&F is responsible for that new feature. IMHO thats new: a L&F not only dealing with the L&F but also adding extended GUI features.

I'm really keen to see what's coming next, go ahead kirillcool!

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