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JavaChina...I can't believe I missed the party

Posted by joconner on September 16, 2005 at 6:48 PM PDT

I was poking around recently and found out that JavaOne in San Francisco isn't the only big time party/conference for Java enthusiasts. It turns out that the Chinese like a little Java fun too. In what may be the biggest Java conference in the world, JavaChina took place just this week! I can't believe I missed it. Sounds like it was in simultaneous conferences in 8 cities across China, all connected live to the mother ship in Beijing huge.

Duke's taking it on the road yet again. This time to Tokyo, Japan. JavaOne Tokyo takes place from Nov 8 through Nov 10 2005. Invitation or not, I'm not going to miss this. Hope to see you there!

Know of any other Java conferences around the world? Let me know!

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