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JavaZone, Norway

Posted by bernt on September 17, 2005 at 7:09 AM PDT

Since this is my first blog on from a small country, Norway, I'll start with a short comment on Norway & Java.

Norway has a population of around 5 million people, no large cities, lots of beautiful nature, has become rich from vast oil resources and fisheries, and does not bother to be a part of the EU.

Small country? Definitely: Oslo, the capital, has around half a million inhabitants. In the third largest city, Trondheim, where I live, we are around 155000. But compared to many small countries in Europe, Norway is geographically large and sparsely populated (Trondheim is nearly 500 km north of Oslo).

Still, each year, the Norwegian Java User Group, JavaBin, hosts a large Java developer conference called JavaZone.

JavaZone gathers 1000 attendees and a host of speakers from several countries in 5 parallell tracks. I had the pleasure of speaking at JavaZone this year, and was impressed of both the quality and the diversity of the conference.

Not bad for a small country far north in Euorpe.