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Maven plugin

Posted by kohsuke on September 18, 2005 at 5:57 PM PDT

I have a lot of projects on, so I needed a way to simplify the project management. That's why I came up with maven plugin.
The idea is simple. Maven provides an excellent framework for managing a large number of small projects. So I wrote a plugin to perform specific tasks.

One of them is the javanet:site task, which takes the result of maven site and bring them to like this. This is tedious to do manually, because requiers all the web contents to be in CVS.

The other goal currently available is the javanet:dist task, which takes the result of maven dist and put them into the documents & files section of your project. Doing this manually requires a lot of mouse clicking, but this plugin fully automates this process.

This plugin is built on top of the tasks library, which performs the underlying web scraping and provides a nice object model of the

The net result is that you can spend more time doing useful work. If you have ideas about useful goals, please drop me a note.

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