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OpenOffice Blog Extension

Posted by joconner on September 21, 2005 at 6:01 PM PDT

On a recent trip to Blogger, I noticed a new tool: a blog toolbar for Word. How convenient! You can review, edit, and even post new blogs to Blogger from Word...nice. There's only one problem...what if I can't use Word? What if I don't want to use Word? What if I want to use OpenOffice instead? What if I want to blog to instead?

I've been hunting the internet for an OpenOffice plugin that would allow me to blog to or some other MovableType or Blogger compatible blog host. Ideally it would use the OpenOffice UNO APIs with Java and JAX-RPC to communicate...great idea right! But I'm finding nothing, nada.

That's where you come in...the community. Do you know where something like this exists? If not, maybe it should start up as a project right here...just an idea.

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