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Posted by walrath on September 26, 2005 at 5:00 PM PDT

The client group in Java SE-land is looking for someone smart
enough to automate themselves out of a
good job
— and into an even better one.

Some Background

Currently, whenever a client team (Swing, 2D, AWT, etc.) needs to
integrate its changes into the main Java SE workspace, the team's
integrator does the job. The integrator is just an engineer on
the team — generally someone without any special skills pertaining
to build automation and process improvement. I don't know about
the other client teams, but on the Swing team the integration job
traditionally is rotated through every engineer on the team (including leads),
with each engineer having a 6-month stint as integrator. The Swing
integrator is currently moi*.

* "Moi" means "me",
as my 4-year-old French-American niece says it.
Actually, she usually says "pas moi" ("not me").
For example: "Who hid Daddy's wallet?" "Pas moi."

The Position

The client group has opened a position for a person to do
all the integrations for all the client teams. We're looking for
someone who's smart, skilled, and enterprising enough to improve the
current build procedures. Our hope is that
the integrator will automate the process so much
that they'll be able to transition to doing something else
they're interested in,
such as client-related development. In the end, we'd have a better, more
reliable build process, plus we'd gain many engineer hours
that were formerly spent on integrations.

If you look at the
for req # 543803
you can see that the experience level for the job is wide open.
What we care about are the candidates' skills*
— their ability to perform what the job page calls
essential functions
and their capacity to contribute in other ways
once integrations no longer take up all their time.

* Who has these skills? Pas moi.


If you have what it takes to do this job,
your resume
Good luck!

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