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JBoss entering the Evil Empire

Posted by schaefa on September 27, 2005 at 6:16 PM PDT

Today I just stumbled over the press release of JBoss announcing a partnership of some sort even though it is not clear to me what this means. This release does not surprise me from a business view but I am surprised from my past experiences working on JBoss. I can remember the first JBossOne in 2002 when one presentation showed the "screaming monkey" making fun of Steve Balmer. On the other hand I never thought that JBoss would become the wedge between Java and Sun. It seems that Marc Fleury became the "Drew Rosenhaus" of the Java open-source community using the movement to advance his agenda. I would not be surprised when one day JBoss would be bought by Microsoft. Luckily there is still Geronimo out there and I definitely have to have a look into the project now.

Have fun

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