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Contributing to Mustang: An Experiment Begins

Posted by joconner on September 28, 2005 at 10:00 AM PDT

Sun wants the community to contribute to Mustang (Java SE 6) development. The call to arms is all over the website with click through icons that send readers to the Mustang community site.

I'm a developer, and I want to contribute. Starting today, I'm going to blog my way through the process and share the experience with you. There is a process, and I'm going to follow it starting now, today.

OK...pop on over to community Mustang site...let's see, I want to fix a bug, what do I need to do? There it is, I need to visit the collaboration page. Got what?

  1. Download the Mustang source and binaries.
  2. Request "jdk.researcher" status.
  3. ....more steps that I can't do yet..

So far, so good. I haven't downloaded the source and binaries yet. I'll do that tonight after work...and maybe my download times won't be too bad. I have to bring over a whopping how many MB? Hmm...can't quite tell yet. Looks like I might need the 83+ MB debug binaries and probably just as much in source...but more on that later. Until then, what can I do? I'll request jdk.researcher status.

Read the JRL license...good, no problem. Click on over and request "jdk.researcher" role. Click the correct radio button...done. It takes a day to get approved, so I'll wait it out until tomorrow. Until then, I've got plenty of source and binaries to download

See you tomorrow with an update.

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