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Roundup of JCP J2ME activity

Posted by gvix on September 28, 2005 at 5:10 PM PDT

A roundup of activity in the JCP J2ME world.

New API's that have been proposed:
RTSJ version 1.1
This API aims to fill some gaps in the Real Time Specification for Java as far as J2ME is concerned

API's that are in public review:
Mobile Service Architecture for CLDC

New API's that have passed the review ballot:
Service Connection and XML API

API's that have passed the public review ballot
Mobile Sensor API

API's that have passed the final draft review ballot
Digital Set Top Box Profile - "On Ramp to OCAP"

API's that have a final release specification available now
Personal Profile 1.1

Personal Basis Profile 1.1

Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 1.1

Foundation Profile 1.1