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Contributing to Mustang: The Source and Binary Download

Posted by joconner on September 30, 2005 at 9:45 AM PDT

To make any contribution to the working Java product, you need the source and binary distributions. Turns out you can get that without any sort of group or membership at all. Just a quick review of the license...ahem...a careful study of the license, and I'm just a click away from all that Mustang code.

I feel like I should apologize for some reason...I'm using XP Pro for this experiment. So, I download the Windows 83 MB jar containing the debugable binaries. Why this choice? I might want to make a change in the C/C++ code itself...probably won't, but I don't know where this experiment is taking me yet. Good. All done. The fact that I'm 4 blocks from my DSL provider's "headend" must account for why this takes less than 8 minutes.

The source is in a separate location, and I'm already slightly confused. It appears that I need 3 of the 5 possible downloads from this location:

  • JDK 6.0 Source under the JRL license
  • JDK Binaries for Source Build 6.0
  • Mozilla Binaries for Source Build 6.0 (Windows)

Just a quick question...why not a choice between just 2 possible downloads? This isn't really difficult, but a choice between Windows and Unix would be easier. Stick the JDK 6.0 source and JDK Binaries and the Mozilla Binaries in one bundle for Windows downloads, and create just one other download for the Unix people. Or maybe it could be arranged like this: 1 generic source and binary bundle and a choice between a Windows or Unix Mozilla binary bundle... Never mind now, the download's done.

Now I have downloaded 4 jar files:

  • jdk-6_0-ea-bin-b53-windows-i586-debug-22_sep_2005.jar
  • jdk-6_0-ea-bin-b53-jrl-22_sep_2005.jar
  • jdk-6_0-ea-mozilla_headers-b53-windows-i586-22_sep_2005.jar
  • jdk-6_0-ea-src-b53-jrl-22_sep_2005.jar

Depending on when you download, you should have the same number of jars but with slightly different names depending on the date of the build.

Whew...that's it for now. I'll report back again later after I unjar this stuff and take a look at what I have.

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