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Java quality's open-source tools

Posted by cos on October 4, 2005 at 3:26 PM PDT

Hello again.

Since I posted my first article here I've been asked a number of times: "Why there's no open source tools for quality process? Are there any?"

Being a lazy enough, I decided to reply just once in this public forum. Ok, here's the answer:

there's a number of open source tools to do a neat automation of one's software quality process.

    To schedule and execute jobs execution in a heterogeneous environment you might want to use

  • Sun's donated project RIO
  • or

  • Sun's opensourced GRID engine
  • instead of Distributed Tasks Framework, we wrote.

    and to run actual tests

  • Tonga harness can be replaced with JTiger or TestNG

I encourage you to look around and find a tool, fits your needs in a best way possible. Enjoy,



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