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Sun's Identity Experts on Building Identity-Enabled Web Services

Posted by marinasum on October 19, 2005 at 9:41 AM PDT

Hot off the press is an article, Building Identity-Enabled Web Services, cowritten by four of Sun's identity experts. It's a recap of a popular technical session at JavaOne 2005 in San Francisco on the same subject, on which I blogged: Securing Web Services Made Easy.

The new article first tells you how Liberty Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) identity-enables Web services. However, by using J2EE components, such as those based on Java Specification Request (JSR) 196, you need not learn the nuances of ID-FF at all. In addition, a prototype of Sun Java Studio Enterprise actually automates the creation process of those Web services, saving you a ton of time and energy.

The diagrams, code samples, and procedures in the article are all intuitive and enlightening--even to a nontechie like me. Take a look!

P.S. You'll find lots of insight on identity-related matters--interoperability, security standards and solutions, federation--in Pat Patterson's blog. He's one of the coauthors of the article.

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