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The $100 PC in another guise?

Posted by bboyes on October 19, 2005 at 1:54 PM PDT

An answer to the $100 PC? by ZDNet's John Carroll -- George Ou and others have asked whether the $100 PC is possible. Perhaps we need to escape traditional conceptions of a computer in order to see the possibilities.

I say: forget the $100 PC. Why not, instead, a combination cell phone, WiFi, small tablet, camera, secure storage, PDA device which we use for communication, banking, online purchasing, scheduling and planning, building access (secure RFID or similar), live news or entertainment video, 4 MP or so digital camera, etc. With some subscription service this could replace what I currently pay for DSL, cell phone, and various online services.

How would you want to program such a device? You'd want a language developed for reliable use across multiple platforms from multiple vendors, with good security, etc, - you get the idea. Today that choice would have to be Java.