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Providing visual indication of changed contents in Swing frames

Posted by kirillcool on October 20, 2005 at 2:18 AM PDT

Yesterday i have stumbled upon this entry from Apple developer zone. It shows how to indicate that a document window (frame in Swing application) has changed contents. The indication is similar to that of regular Mac application (dark dot in the close button). The way to accomplish this is to put a windowModified client property with Boolean.TRUE value on either the JRootPane or on the JInternalFrame.

This, of course, is Mac-specific, and does not have Swing support on other platforms. That is, until now (kind of). The latest drop of Substance version 2.1 provides just that - a pulsating close button of JFrame, JInternalFrame and JDesktopIcon when the above property is set to Boolean.TRUE. You can view it in action in this movie (31-second, 526KB, originally WMV format, but should play as AVI too). In addition, you can run the Web Start demo to see it in action. Go to "Desktop" tab, click on "add" button and click on "Mark changed" in the new internal frame. Here are few screenshots from the movie:

Pulsating loop on JInternalFrame - red theme:

Pulsating loop on JInternalFrame - yellow theme:

Pulsating loop on JInternalFrame - tooltip on close button in unsaved state:

Pulsating loop on JDesktopIcon:

Pulsating loop on JFrame:

Note that the close button is painted in red and pulsates every 5 seconds, changing its theme from red to yellow and back to red in two seconds.

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