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Twice the IDE

Posted by gfx on October 24, 2005 at 3:26 PM PDT

Using Eclipse for the code, NetBeans for profiling, how cool is that? Well, it is, especially when you have a dual screen setup. I know a lot of developers do have such a setup today. Mine is a bit weird though:

Two IDEs

Anyway, I have been quite successful using two IDEs so far so I'm ready to switch to next gear and use NetBeans 5.0 GUI Builder for my UIs. Eclipse, as any decent IDE/source editor, knows when a file has changed on the hard drive and asks to reload it. And anyway, source code versioning tools come in handy in such cases :)

As much as I love writing my UIs by hand, I'm getting tired of fiddling with layout managers. I do my best to make my life easier with other tasks, so why not with this one?

Do you or did you successfully used two IDEs for the same project at the same time? I'd be interested in hearing from similar experiences.

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