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A neat firefox tool for developers

Posted by calvinaustin on October 27, 2005 at 10:12 AM PDT

Following on from testgen4j which is growing into an eclipse plugin, is a tool from my colleague, testgen4web. All you need is firefox 1.1+. Then download the testgen4web plugin and you can record web interactions, play them back and save them in xml, load them again and even translate them into the test harness you use!

There are some existing web based tools around, including open source tools like Selenium and commercial tools from Mercury, but this makes things very easy and runs in the browser without requiring external frames or other techniques. You can use it for users to report user driven problem scenarios too. All they need to do is press record, stop and save. So the next time a user says, I filled in this field and clicked enter and got an exception. Just get them to send you the xml file :*)

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