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I want a piece of the pie

Posted by gvix on November 3, 2005 at 6:00 PM PST

While everybody, and I mean everybody, is talking about the coming death of Java and the demise of Struts, nobody seems to be realizing that their is a new frontier on the Java horizon.

Java ME (or J2ME whatever you prefer).

Ok, so it isn't new and it isn't perfect. But I am gob smacked by the numbers published by Nokia. More on this later.

I find it debatable that Java on the desktop or the Server is dead or dying. Yes, Java for beginners is tougher now. That is the sign of a mature language, not one that is dying or dead. Yes, I am confused about where it is going, but that doesn't mean that I am ready to ditch it for the current flavor of the month, even if it is Ruby on Drugs.

Java on desktop and server is mature and thriving. There are lesser markets to explore. But there are newer frontiers that represent opportunity.

Take the Nokia announcement. Some snippets:

- More than 180 operators are now deploying Java services.

- 708 million mobile Java devices had shipped as of June.

- 635 models of mobile Java devices are offered.

- 32 mobile device vendors use Java technology.

- More than 45,000 Java applications are on the market.

- Approximately 23 million mobile Java downloads have been performed each month this year.

and to cap it all:

"Nokia forecasts that developer revenue from mobile Java applications on Nokia devices will reach 340 million euros this year."

Wow. If that is not an awe inspiring, swear by Java, renounce all other languages moment, then I don't know what is. Quick, somebody get me on line to Nokia.

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