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Twinkle, a Java2D/OpenGL Demo

Posted by gfx on November 9, 2005 at 1:24 AM PST

The new OpenGL pipeline in Mustang let external API composite a Swing UI with an OpenGL scene. This allows JOGL to efficiently mix Swing and 3D. Twinkle, a simple photo viewer (it looks like Microsoft Max :), benefit from this. Take a look for yourself:


In this screenshot, the black background, the pictures strip on top and the caption at the bottom are drawn with Java2D. You can think of this scene as a composition of three layers: a 2D background, a 3D layer and a 2D foreground.

I'm working on another demo called BackSeat using this pipeline. It is a bit more complicated but still remains in the "2.5D space". Chris Campbell and I are also trying to figure out the basic utility methods and classes one might need to easily create such scenes. I already have a few things I will release along with Twinkle source code. Even though you need to know a bit about OpenGL (I started learning for these demos), they let you quickly set up a scene containing billboards and reflected textured quads using anti-aliasing, depth of field or motion blur.

Stay tuned.

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