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New Dream Liner 787 to have constant Internet connectivity

Posted by bboyes on November 13, 2005 at 11:04 PM PST

A recent Time (2005 Oct 24, Technology) article describes the benefits of the 787 Dreamliner, scheduled for production in 2006. First the body: using 50% carbon fiber composite, the 787 has a 20% better fuel burn than similar size jets, but boasts greater range. More interesting, the design focusses on passenger comfort. Cabin pressure will be closer to sea level (meaning the hull has to withstand greater pressurization), and humidity will be in the range of 15-20% instead of today's typical 5%. Windows will use electronic tinting controls instead of pulldown blinds. Will Boeing will follow the lead of smaller GA jets and use solid-state LED lights in the cabin?

According to the Boeing 787 web site, the Dream Liner will boast constant internet connectivity. We can only hope that it will be included in the price of the ticket and usable during takeoff and landing.

And if you are wondering what device to take to enjoy that connectivity, how about something like the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet?

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