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$100 Laptop Prototype Unveiled

Posted by bboyes on November 17, 2005 at 2:08 PM PST

This InfoWorld article describes (with no photos) a hand-cranked laptop which one vendor has said could be built at a cost of $110.

The machine can be folded in different ways to serve as a computer, electronic book or media player. "We designed the device to perform many roles," said Negroponte, who also heads the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit group. "Learning should be seamless."

No details yet on the display, but the laptop will run Linux, and use all open-source software. The idea is to put one into the hands of millions of schoolchildren, especially those in developing countries.

Governments must buy 1x10e6 units to participate in the program, which has sponsors including Google.

Let's hope Sun gets involved (are they already?) and provides a Java runtime -- what a great platform to showcase the benefits of Java.

Here's more, including some sketches of the machine, and the MIT website for the project, including these renderings.

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