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Jerome is engineering lead for GF

Posted by pelegri on November 22, 2005 at 3:58 PM PST

Well, I tried to convince Abhijit not to do it, but he did go to the
dark side of management... A sad day, except that
Jerome Dochez is now the lead architect.
Jerome and I first worked together in JavaBeans 1.0.
Graham, me, and several others interviewed this guy with the french accent that knew COM inside and out. We made him an offer, he accepted and that was a good thing for Sun. He also turned out to also be a really funny guy. We finished the spec
early then went together to Long Beach for an event, just across from Microsoft's PDC.
The presentation went well, except that Jerome's presentation made mine
look totally flat;
I still have the tape of those presentations...

Jerome has been doing a number of things since JavaBeans 1.0, but I
am very happy that he is now providing the engineering leadership in the
GlassFish community.