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Prime Time

Posted by editor on November 28, 2005 at 7:15 AM PST

Starter bugs for would-be JDK contributors

The announcement hit the front page on Thursday, a holiday in the U.S. and thus probably missed by a lot of readers, so we're putting it in the Spotlight: the JDK Community Starter Bug List is now up. As described by a getting started page, these are bugs determined by the JDK team to be a good place for would-be contributors to get started, as they're meaningful (not cosmetic), easy to fix, low impact (not likely to cause breakage elsewhere), and not on Sun's list of bugs to fix for Mustang.

If you've wanted to contribute to Java's ongoing development, but there's not a specific bug you're tracking, this is a good way to get started. That said, if there is some bug that's been on your own to-do list, the steps outlined in the "getting started" page can still help you claim a bug, collaborate, and contribute the fix.

In today's Weblogs,
Gregg Sporar recalls
"Years ago I worked on a fairly large project that had full internationalization support. One of our first customers ran the program in Spanish. And we had a simplified Chinese version. So I thought: "I know how to do this. I've done it before." But too much time had passed - I was overlooking a subtle issue. But what was it?" The answer: Do Not Forget the Encoding Flag:

Eitan Suez is
Still Thinking About Annotations.. in which he offers
"reflections on java 5 annotations, aspects, and more..."

Running GlassFish on Mac OS X, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart says:
"Yesterday I tried the latest Mac OS X build of GlassFish. I only tried a simple 'hello world' application, and that worked fine but I had to hunt and peek a bit around to find how to do a few things, so read on for a somewhat detailed description of how to install and set-up GF and how to run that hello world WAR."