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Ten Moves Ahead

Posted by felipegaucho on December 2, 2005 at 4:59 AM PST

I´m impressed with the SUN moves these days - first the wonderful news about several products released as free or Open Source licences. It allows many developers to test and to evaluate the power of the SUN products. Now, I´m reading the text about the Ten Moves Ahead - specially the part of a free Station - very attractive for the reluctant companies.

Many business decisions are based on money and also on the support issues - and many companies adopt Linux and Open Source solutions to remain alive in the software market. The SUN actitude may help a lot of companies to review their development costs and configuration. Now we have another suite of tools to think about - and it will have an impact in the next business decisions.

Congratulations for all the SUN team - let's closer evaluate Solaris and other SUN products from now.

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