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Posted by editor on December 12, 2005 at 10:12 AM PST

A short hello from ApacheCon

Today's daily blog comes to you from the ApacheCon keynote, with Cory Doctorow having just discussed a wide-ranging assortment of digital rights management horrors, the legal and economic motivations behind it, and the frustrating and ultimately futile results of it. The "Inside Apache" panel has just started, with Apache's leadership discussing not so much what specific projects they're working on, but rather the motivations behind them.

If you've noticed that this is being posted later than usual, it's because your editor is now three time zones further to the west and he's trying to catch up. More from the conference tomorrow.

Jim Driscoll corrects some Servlet History in today's Weblogs, saying
"I've been reading Beyond Java, and since Bruce got some of his facts wrong about the history of servlets, I thought I'd issue a correction."

Bruce Boyes has an
OMG Robotics report from Burlingame:
"This week saw 3 special talks and 9 RFI response presentations. The Robotics DSIG has formally changed to a Domain Task Force, which means that there is enough participation to actually start working on standards."

Don't guess -- test, Scott Oaks writes:
"You'll never know what performs better until you test it under a variety of circumstances. "

This week's Spotlight is on the Ricoh Java Programming Contest 2006: The project is the home of the Ricoh Java Programming Contest 2006. Students from universities in six European countries are encouraged to develop innovative Java-based applications for Richo's Aficio multi-functional products. Information on entering the contest is compiled on the ricoh project's front page, and requires being a member, joining the CoolThreads project and the support forum, and then submitting a project request. Registration is open through February 15, 2006.

In Projects and
the article Banking on Jini Services, the first in a series on innovative architectures, looks at how Rubean, A.G., developed a Jini-based system for managing devices in banks. Online since 2002, the system serves over 35,000 customers and is a model of a decentralized system and one that can use Jini to proxy legacy devices.

Tor Norbye's weblog Performance profiler - now for the Mac! notes that Milestone 11 of the NetBeans Performance Profiler now works on Mac OS X. The profiler is based on JFluid and previously required a special JDK. Those modifications have been rolled into the JDK and were part of the latest update to Apple's J2SE 5.0 VM.

In Also in
Java Today
Integration Developer News reports on developments in the JBoss/Microsoft partnership in Microsoft, JBoss Co-op To Gain Momentum in 2006: "Microsoft and JBoss will spend much of 2006 working together to improve .NET-to-J2EE interop, including efforts to enable Hibernate to work well with both .NET and Windows.

In Lightweight R/O Mapping, Norbert Ehreke offers an introduction to the Amber framework, which inverts the typical object-relational scheme of starting with objects and mapping them to database tables. "Amber approaches the problem of data exchange from the opposite angle. It assumes that the ER model is the reference for resulting OO structures. It also assumes that the database access is handled mainly via stored procedures, which provide a unified point of access to the database and which are also perfectly set up to handle transactions. Put into a provocative statement: the middle tier is implemented as a set of stored procedures. This means an expert on ER modeling, the DBA, is responsible for design and optimization, including stored procedures, which results in much better structures, and faster and more secure access, compared to automatically created ones."

In today's Forums,
egulatee has some questions after taking a
Glassfish first look
"I really like what I see with glassfish. Looks very robust and professional. A nice console and very configurable. A few questions/concerns? Where did clustering go (SunAS8.1EE has some AFAIK), will it be implemented for glassfish? Supposedly EJB 3 is close to being final, so are clustering annotations are outside the EJB3 scope? Is/Will hibernate be supported in persistence.xml? What I mean by this is some way to switch the persistence layers so that there can be automatic injection depending on what's configured. Regarding the new database creation mechanism... Any chance of getting an update mechanism like hbernate? And support for postgresql? That would make my day and then some..."

EA based lock removal in Mustang-b63!, linuxhippy says
"just found that Mustang-b63 now supports lock removal thanks to EA. Wow one feature I was waiting for since a long time. Great to have it now, thanks a lot. However there's one point which is not quite clear to me:" As part of this change, the bytecode escape estimator was added. Without it, almost no opportunities for this optimization are detected". What is a bytecode escape estimator? Is it some kind of optimistic compilation which could force hotspot under some circumstances to recompile or something cheaper?"

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A short hello from ApacheCon