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Ja-va-saurus and the Asteroid

Posted by johnreynolds on December 15, 2005 at 7:18 AM PST

The Business Week article "Java? It's So Nineties" quotes Peter Yared as saying "Java is a dinosuar".

Let's grant Peter the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's right. Let's assume that Java is in fact a dinosaur and have some fun...

Fortunately for us we can make a pretty good case that software-wise we are still living in the Mesozoic era, commonly known as "The Age of the Dinosaurs".

Large herds of the stately Ja-va-saurus and it's close relative the See-sharp-a-saurus pretty much dominate the landscape, but increasingly smaller packs of the sulking Pee-aych-pee-a-saurus and of the graceful Ru-bee-a-saurus have begun to appear.

Dinosaurs are all around us. Dinosaurs are the dominant life form, and dinosaurs are going to be the dominant life form for a long, long time... unless an asteroid hits.

I think "the asteroid" is on it's way... and perhaps it has already entered the atmoshpere. Look around, and you'll already see the signs of an imminent impact.

Watch a pre-teen juggle a dozen simultaneous threads on their video mobile phone and then tell me with a straight face that this generation is going to put up with any of the "dinosaur-age" programming languages and development models that we cling to. Do you really see these multi-media savvy kids writing applications with glorified text editors?

The future is about creative connectivity. The future is about using duct tape and baling wire to cobble together innovative solutions from disparate components that were never meant to work together.

The mammals that inherited the earth from the dinosaurs shared a lot of DNA with their predecessors, and my bet is that whatever comes next is going to share a lot of "DNA" with our good old Ja-va-saurus.

Bring on the asteroid ;-)

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