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Java. Quality. Metrics (part 5)

Posted by cos on December 23, 2005 at 5:55 PM PST

Hi there again.

Getting back to my favorite topic about quality of life... I meant that pseudo-life, we all are trying to make. And if there's Something, what had once created all of us and everything else around - it did a way better job :-( But, I think, we have deserved a credit too: we don't have all the time in the eternity to finish our job by trial and errors approach. An average man leaves about 70 years; say 30 years of which she spent in diapers, at school or on medications in front of TV, purchased on retirement money. Which left us with roughly a 40 years term, split between personal and professional life (change the order if you want to :-)

All my professional life is literally coupled with computers (I have six of them at home, including an old Sun's SparcClassic LX and not including my Palm Pilot). And as more and more software is coming into our lives, I'm wondering if I can rely on it and where are the limits of this trust. Also, as a participant of Java software development cycle I want to do better job myself and help my colleagues to do same: namely spend less time to develop more robust software.

This brought me to the point of quality indicators definition. What will be the right criteria to determine if a piece of software will break or not in customers hands. And again, where is the right target to aim our testing efforts and wether or not they are efficient?

After some consideration we humbly came up with the following list: