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Joel complains that Java is too easy

Posted by jacksjpt on December 30, 2005 at 2:37 AM PST

Apparently, Java is so easy to do that lots of Uni's now teach it as the main language - or even as the sole one. And because its so easy, lots more students can learn it and manage to work in it successfully enough to pass the course. This is BAD (according to Joel). Java doesn't core dump. More BAD. The consequence for poor Joel, is that he can't tell the better students from the not so great ones. And consequently, of course, Java is rubbish. What is needed, according to Joel, is for universities to teach "hard" languages. Machine code would be a good option, and programming in punched cards would weed out the those programmers who can't get it right first time - Joel doesn't quite say that but taking his silly arguments to extreme would lead you down that path.

There is a natural inclination, especially for very competent people, to blame something else when they can't do something or find something hard. In this case, Joel can't seem to ask the right questions that tells him which grad programmers are better, so it's Java's fault, not his.

I suggest he updates his interview procedures and drags himself into the 21st century.

Joel's article can be found at for those of you who like to read this kind of drivel.

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