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Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 on Mac OS X?

Posted by marinasum on January 4, 2006 at 7:06 PM PST

A recent thread on the Sun Java Studio Enterprise Forum records an unanimous clamoring for Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 to run on Mac OS X, along with various tips. A subsequent, related thread supplements the information.Nathan Fiedler, a Sun Java Studio Enterprise developer, has two reminders to add:

  • You must use Apple JDK 5.0 Developer Preview (DP) 3, which is available under a nondisclosure agreement with Apple.
  • Sun Java System Application Server will likely fail on Mac OS X. That’s no biggie if you're on a development team that shares a server instance. However, if you’re single-handedly building J2EE applications for an application server, that failure would be problematic.

Any more pearls of wisdom, anyone? Please post on the forum. Note that you must be a Sun Developer Network member to do so. Just sign up--for free.

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