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Java Tools and Server runtime on Mac...

Posted by ludo on January 9, 2006 at 6:06 PM PST

Bonjour, comment Java?

So tomorrow is the big
from Apple. Many rumors,
as usual, many of them related to the Intel processors. So if this is
real tomorrow (I am not saying anything more than "if..."), then you
should know that the combination of NetBeans 5.0 and the Sun J2EE 1.4
Application Server has been already tested on the Mac/Intel
platform.  In fact, I fixed a href="">P2
bug (unable to start appserver on Mac/Intel platform) last
December to make sure you can develop J2EE applications (Web apps, Web
Services, Ejbs,...) on the Mac systems.

alt="NetBeans 5 on Mac"

So Let's wait and see what Steve will say. On the Runtime side and
Tools side, we are ready.


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