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Dalma 0.2 released

Posted by kohsuke on January 22, 2006 at 1:45 PM PST

Today, I posted a new version of the Dalma project, a continuation-based workflow engine. Highlights of this release are...

  1. The logging mechanism is improved. You can now subscribe to logging at arbitrary level (such as the whole container, one workflow application, or one conversation) and you can also choose to log aggregatively (for example a workflow application and all conversations running in it), or exclusively (just workflow application level logs.) This is programatic when you use dalmacon, but if you are using the web ui, all those different log views are available out-of-box to you through a nice GUI.

  2. I started a module that hosts Ant tasks related to Dalma. This makes it easier to develop dalma workflow applications using Ant. Maven continues to be the preferred build system, but I understand that some people don't like Maven.

  3. I added a new goal dalma:run to the Maven plugin, so that you can test your application quickly. This is much easier than running dalmacon manually, and much faster than deploying it to the webui. Besides, it allows you to very easily attach a debugger. Dalma is all about making you more productive, and shorter edit/debug cycle is a very important factor to improve productivity.

Ver.0.1 jars also had some packaging issues, and those are fixed in this release, too.

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