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O'Reilly offers pre-publication access to manuscripts

Posted by scottschram on January 24, 2006 at 1:08 PM PST

O'Reilly has introduced a new service called "Rough Cuts" that gives pre-publication access to books as they are being written.

It's an opportunity for early adopters to use the material and offer feedback to the author and editor.

The books are priced reasonably for online access, with an option to purchase the print version when it is released.

Of the initial four titles, "Ajax Hacks: Rough Cuts Version" is probably the most interesting to Java programmers. The other titles released at this time are "Flickr Hacks", "Ruby Cookbook", "Ruby on Rails: Up and Running".

Check out the new service at: O'Reilly Rough Cuts.

(Disclosure: O'Reilly manages, but I'm not financially associated with them.)

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