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New version of com4j posted

Posted by kohsuke on January 28, 2006 at 10:43 PM PST

Thanks to keen users, I have been able to fix a bunch of bugs and improves usability significantly for the past few months. Thank you to all who has sent me feedbacks.

One touchstone for a library like com4j is to handle Microsoft Office type libraries nicely. It's a huge library (actually a set of libraries) that uses many interesting COM features (such as default property, enumeration, safe array, enums, structures, ...), and it's also one of the most popular type libraries people want to automate. The version posted today contains two Microsoft Office automation examples --- Word and PowerPoint. So I think com4j now cleared this step.

As usual, working with C++ code turns out to be both fun and annoying. It's fun, because nowadays you almost never go down to the hardware level. Yet when I work with com4j, I get to worry about things like "if I push stack pointer register (ESP) to stack, do I get the updated ESP value after push or the old value before the push?" which is a good change of mindset.

But it's annoying at the same time, because debugging com4j requires running both Java debugger and Win32 debugger. C++ syntax is also bizza.... well let's just say it's little different from Java.

Anyway, I hope you like new com4j!

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