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An unexpected bug report

Posted by kirillcool on January 29, 2006 at 12:45 PM PST

It appears that somebody took my call to help internationalize Substance a little too far. See this bug report:


It appears to be in Chinese, and according to Kohsuke's best shot it's about incorrect drawing of Chinese symbols. Google translator is of no help here:

  • It accepts the description in Japanese and translates it as "Desired talent? Learning/repairing reforming? Entire world"
  • It accepts the description in Korean and partially translates it as "Watch national disgrace?"
  • Finally, it accepts the description in simplified Chinese and translates it as "The hope can revise adapts world"

So long for the hopes of automatic translation (although i hear that Microsoft research center in China is making good progress at this task). What about you - do you have bug submissions on your projects in Chinese?