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Contributing to Mustang: Fixed in Release B70

Posted by joconner on February 11, 2006 at 3:10 AM PST

Curious about the Mustang Collaboration effort, I decided to give it a try. Sun is a big company, they're asking for public collaboration on a huge software project, and I wondered if public submissions would actually find their way into the product.

I found a bug in Mustang, fixed it, and submitted it to the Mustang development team. Today, I'm happy to report that the fix has been integrated into build #70 of the binary and source distributions.

This has been a fun public experiment with Mustang collaboration. I started this on Sept 28, 2005. Having plenty of distractions, I spent a couple months to find the easiest, most insignificant bug. Obviously, if you're doing real work that's important to you, you'll find a perfectly good bug much more quickly. It took just an hour or so to get the source and set up on my PC. The fix itself took 30 seconds. I diffed the source and sent in the diff describing the fix. A reply from Sun engineers came within a week or so of my submission. Finally, the fix itself showed up in build #70.

I know that others haven't been so fortunate to have their fixes integrated. I can't answer why not...I simply don't know the answer. However, I'm comfortable saying that I had success testing the Mustang collaboration process. I submitted my fixes as an external collaborator and followed the process like any individual contributor would. I like to think that the process worked for me like it would for anyone else. I wish you all success getting your own fixes into Mustang.

This concludes my experiment. I encourage you to submit your fixes too. If you're curious how I navigated the process, you can read the steps of my own successful contribution:

  1. An Experiment Begins
  2. Got
  3. The Source and Binary Download
  4. Signing the Agreement
  5. Waiting on a FAX Reply
  6. The Process Map
  7. Contributor Status Granted
  8. Low Hanging Fruit
  9. A Submitted Bug Fix
  10. Integrating the Fix for Bug #4994762

Get involved and have fun!

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