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I was on !

Posted by kohsuke on February 8, 2006 at 10:46 PM PST

I did an interview some time ago, and it hit top page.
(The actual article is here.)
They let me talk about pretty much anything I wanted to talk about, so it was a lot of fun doing it. Thank you very much for those who gave me this opportunity.

That said, ungrateful Kohsuke has one complaint to make. This is a part of the "Meet the Engineers" series, so I was curious what other engineers talked about. I first checked the breadcrumb of the page, which just gives:

Developers Home > Products & Technologies >

... and not surprisingly, "products & technologies" didn't have any link to the other installations of this series. I then typed (by cutting the "kawaguchi" portion from the URL) in the address bar but it gave me 404. I really wish Sun's website is little easier to navigate.