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Hudson 1.0.14 released

Posted by kohsuke on February 11, 2006 at 8:35 PM PST

Since I'm a lowly engineer and don't have any secretary, I made one by myself some time ago. It's called Hudson, and it handles some of the work I used to do myself. Nowadays, every time I make a change, I just commit it without doing a rebuild, then let Hudson check if it builds. I also let Hudson run unit tests for my changes, and almost never run them locally. It really made me more productive, since I can spend more time writing code, not waiting for builds to complete nor tests to run.

We've been using it for many JWSDP components, and recently Ryan started setting it up for most of the Tango components.

During that process he came up with a few enhancement ideas, so I've implemented them, and posted a new version.