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Sun @ RSA 2006

Posted by arungupta on February 13, 2006 at 11:13 AM PST

Sun is a platinum
of RSA Conference, 2006
being held in San Jose, CA from Feb 13 through Feb 17, 2006. Here is the list of
Sun sessions:

  • Keynote
    by Scott
    on Feb 14th, 9:50am (Tear Down the Walls -- Embrace Risk and Opportunity Through Security)
  • Panel discussion by Whitfield
    , on Feb 14th, 10:35am (The Cryptographers Panel)
  • Panel discussion by Bill Smith, on Feb14th, 2:00pm (The Policy of Identity: Privacy Rules)
  • Technical Session by Rafat Alvi,
    Feb 14th, 3:25pm (Trusted SOA: An End-to-End Trustworthy Services-Oriented Architecture)
  • Technical Session by Raghavan
    (aka Rags), Feb 14th, 4:30pm (Secure Cross-Talk Between Java and .NET Platforms Using WS-Security)

In the technical session by Rags, you'll see an interoperability demo of Web
Services Security
(WS-Security) using Java
Web Services Developer Pack
(JWSDP) and NetBeans
on the Java side with Web
Services Enhancements
(WSE) on .NET side.

WS-Security along with WS-Secure Conversations, WS-Trust and WS-Security
Policy make the Security category of Project
. These technologies, along with a slew of other enterprise technologies,
will be available in JWSDP and the source code will be available as part of Glassfish


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