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Mustang (Java6) Beta is online now!

Posted by cos on February 15, 2006 at 12:13 PM PST

Whoa! Mustang is there! The long awaited, butts kicking Beta release of Java platforms is ready for downloads! And I'd like to join my colleagues and say a couple of words about this milestone. It's not something totally new for most of you. Everyone had a chance to take a look at snapshot releases before.

Feel free to grab it here:

the main page of the Beta release
if you want to just downloaded it

Please refer to Mustang Beta Carnival to read reviews of new features and improvements included in this release.

And on my usual favorite note, I'd like to mention that our engineering and quality teams had made an every effort to guarantee the high-level quality of this Java release. Also, a number of new approached and techniques were proved to be efficient for better software quality development. I mentioned a few of them already and plan to shed some light on this topic soon.

And I'm honored to tell you here, that Sun's stables keep only high-quality racer :-), like this very Mustang, we're presenting today for your judgment.



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