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The world of ferret hunters is really thriving lately. Sort of

Posted by kirillcool on February 20, 2006 at 1:56 AM PST

Every time i read one of Bruce Tate interviews (the latest one is right here), i can't help but think that the ferret-hunters think that everybody else is hunting ferrets. I guess that's how the world looks like when you run a consultancy shop for mom'n'dad joints that can't afford their own ferret hunters. I mean, you have a shop that sells ferret-hunting equipment and a guy walks in. Chances are, he'll ask for the latest in ferret-hunting, right?

Now, you know that there are other animals out there, and you have even spent a few years on a big ranch full of them. But the "man" didn't let you hunt other animals, he just gave you this big bazooka and told you to take those ferrets down. It took you four months to read the bazooka manual, to setup the launch pad and figure out that if you aim too close the ferrets just disintegrate and if you aim too far they just get brushed. Your friend hooks you up with a ferret-trap and in four days you have more ferrets than you have in your entire life. You then start writing a book.

This book is full of examples. Every time you need an example from the hunting world, you randomly pick up an animal. Randomly, each time it's a ferret. After a few such picks, your readers are really intrigued - perhaps there are no other animals around? You seem to be so sure of that (at least it doesn't hurt the book sales too much). The random selection can't be wrong after all. You then present a wonderful choice of these great ferret-hunting tools and say that all the hunter enthusiasts are already using them to hunt ferrets all over the world. I guess they are, since the ferret-hunting frameworks are springing all over the place. All other animals must seem extinct by now. Somehow it is implied that these enthusiasts are hunting other animals with these tools too. Oh no, wait - there are no other animals around, haven't i said it already?

A few months back Greg had took the words out of my mouth with his review of ferret-hunting beyondness. Now even Hani joins in against the ferret-hunting consultancy shops.