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Like It Or Not

Posted by editor on February 24, 2006 at 7:42 AM PST

The verdict's in on SE 6, how about EE 5?

I worried a bit about posting today's poll because the wording is so similar to last week's that some might not even realize the poll had changed, as it does every Friday. Last week we asked Which Java SE 6 (Mustang) features appeal to you most?, and according to the results the winner of that poll was "Desktop Enhancements", by a huge margin. Not for nothing is the Swing team saying that Mustang is their biggest release since Java 1.2.

But that was last week, and came off of the announcement that Mustang had gone beta. This week, Java EE 5 has gone beta, so how can we not ask the same question of this major platform. So,
the new Poll asks "Which Java EE 5 feature appeals to you most?" Cast your vote on the front page, then visit the results page for results and discussion.

Joshua Marinacci offers My Mustang Beta Thoughts in today's Weblogs: "As a relatively new member of the Swing team I don't have much to add, but I will say that we've put a lot of improvements into the the Windows Look and Feel, including using the official XP themeing API (we used the XP themes before but not through the then undocumented API)."

In JDBC 4.0 Wrapper Interface, Lance Andersen writes:
"JDBC 4.0 has introduced several new features which will be highlighted in blogs over the next few weeks. Today's focus is on the Wrapper Interface."

Kohsuke Kawaguchi announces a
Hudson extreme makeover!
"I just posted a new release of Hudson (a continuous build engine) with improved GUI."

In Projects and
the Delta DOM project, a recent graduate from the Enterprise Community incubator, introduces a simple JavaScript API for component developers to use instead of traditional HTML form.submit() that will automatically manage the incremental update of the client-side DOM.

The NetBeans Board Elections are underway. Anyone with a login can vote for up to three of the nine candidates, all of whom have online profiles. Balloting continues through March 8, with the new Governance Board announced on March 9.

In today's Forums, paulby has some fixes
Re: LG3d and Java application as Graduation Project:
"I've just integrated a few fixes to the toolkit code which should give you some idea of the level of Swing support you can expect from SwingNode in the short term. The toolkit is by no means complete but it may suffice for initial work. In particular buttons, check boxes etc work OK. TextField and TextArea work for text display and entry however the cursor is not rendered (but only on JDK 1.5, 1.6 is currently not working)."

dibyendumajumdar points out an interesting GlassFish problem in
Re: Question about dependency injection:
"Glassfish allows an interface to be annotated both as @Remote and @Local. I assumed therefore that this is legal, and also that there is some intelligence to decide which one is appropriate. However, what happened was that when the application client tried to lookup the EJB, it got an exception. Almost as if the Local interface had hidden or taken precedence over the Remote interface."

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this month's theme on the Sun Developer Network (SDN) Channel is "open communities", featuring a 15 minute video in which you can hear both Sun leaders and open-source innovators discuss "why Sun is opening source code across its product portfolio, and how you can reap the benefits for smart innovation." The page also links to Java-oriented blogs and podcasts, and major open-source projects like GlassFish.

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach should be built for flexibility, and that means it should be built to last. "SOA relies on successfully institutionalizing a culture of reuse. The building blocks of SOA are discrete, reusable services and architectural elements that can be combined to form composite applications and service infrastructure." In the dev2dev article Successfully Planning for SOA: Long-Term SOA Planning, David Groves looks at how to build not only the project, but also its organization and governance, to ensure success in the long run.

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The verdict's in on SE 6, how about EE 5?