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Hidden problems of the blogging

Posted by cos on March 6, 2006 at 10:34 AM PST

Hi there.

It's rather short message about a potential problem you might face as

Recently, I've been told that few of my blogs are having incorrect
links to other resources. Being very careful about posting any
materials, I was quite surprised and went to to check it out.

In a short time I realized that a couple of the articles were typed
using href="">StarOffce's
document writer and were saved in OpenDocument Test (ODT)
format. As the result, all quotas - " - were replaced by fancy
typographical quota symbols. When they became a part of an URL they
were encoded into something like %E2%80%9C for left "
and %E2%80%9D for the right one

That is well know fact, but is a good illustration of what kind of
weird bugs you might discover sometimes during your quality cycles.



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