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Hudson 1.18 released

Posted by kohsuke on March 12, 2006 at 10:48 AM PST

I just posted a new version of Hudson. The main improvement in this version of Hudson is the ability to record and track JUnit test result reports.

This feature is similar to <junitreport> ant task, but the difference is that Hudson has a history of test reports, not just one-time result of a test run, and the history trend is very useful information indeed. For a starter, Hudson reports how many more (or less) tests are failing in a given build, compared to its previous build.

But it goes further than that. For example, being lazy, some of my projects have test cases that are known not to work, or broken tests. So when I get a new build, what I'm interested in is not just the list of all failures, but the list of new failures --- tests that started to break in this build (or recent builds, since you probably won't check every build.) So Hudson not only reports a list of failures, but it also reports their ages, so that you can focus on young failures.

More detailed changelog is also available, and the binary can be downloaded.

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