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Posted by editor on March 21, 2006 at 5:20 AM PST

Bringing in news feeds from near and far

A few weeks ago, we featured the ROME framework, a full-featured framework for parsing and providing web syndication feeds in all the popular formats. For those with simpler client-side needs, today's

Feature Article looks into
Reading the News with Sun's RSS Utilities. Author Chris Hardin says
"For the technical folks out there who have been living in a hole for the past two years and only read news from a newspaper, RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is used for the distribution of newsfeeds and podcasts. RSS feeds are merely XML files based on a version of the RSS standard." His article presents an RSS library that was created as a simple example of a JSP library, but is perfectly viable for use in your own RSS apps.

John O'Conner has an alert in today's Weblogs, noting that Australian Time Zone Changes Affect Java Apps: "Australia changed its observance of Daylight Saving Time (DST) this year, and the change will affect many during Mar 26 through April 2, 2006."

Fernando Lozano says
I wanna a real NetBeans Day:
"Remeber last year's javaOne NetBeans Day? It was more about JavaStudio than Creator. I hope this year we have en event centered on NetBeans itself and less on the closed forks mantained by Sun."

Can a Grizzly run faster than a Coyote?, Jean-Francois Arcand writes:
"We all doubt, do we? This blog will compare the Web performance of GlassFish's Grizzly HTTP Connector with Tomcat 5.5.16 Coyote Connector family (HTTP11, APR)."

In Also in
Java Today

Artima founder Bill Venners has an important commandment in his latest posting: Don't Let Users Confirm Via HTTP GET: "While it may be attractive from the usability perspective to let users click on a link in an email to confirm a registration, it violates one of the cardinal rules of the web: don't change state on HTTP GET requests. This weblog post explains the problem and suggests solutions."

Joel on Software has a crash course on user experience design in Usability in One Easy Step: "So, usability. That's really at the heart of good design, and I'm going to spend a lot of time on it.
The good news is that I can teach you everything I know about usability while standing on one foot. Ready? Here we go:
Something is usable if it behaves exactly as expected."

In Projects and

Dan Hushion, community leader for Sun Grid, looks at Running Services on Sun Grid in a recent blog entry. "Sun Grid's resource management semantics basically dictate that jobs be self-contained, and terminate all processes in order to exit. The problem with terminating processes in a grid context is that it's not quite as simple as doing a PID trap on a single host..."

WebDAV, the popular read/write standard for the web, can be enabled in GlassFish, but as Jean-Francois Arcand explains in Enabling WebDav in GlassFish, "you can't enable it the way you usualy do it using Tomcat." In walking through a solution, he explains the root problem: "GlassFish lack of support for a default-sun-web.xml, where you usualy define your security constraints mapping. "

In today's Forums, andrewmt wonders about
SwingWorker Exception Catching:
"Hi there! I've been developing a program using Mustang's SwingWorker and am finding that exceptions thrown in the doInBackground method do not seem to be caught anywhere. On two occasions I've had bugs throwing NullPointerExceptions and both times the SwingWorker thread just terminates with no notice. doInBackground throws Exception, but looking at SwingWorker's source code I do not see anything catching it. I haven't seen any mention of this issue anywhere, but I am wondering if anyone noticed this and if it is supposed to do this (i.e. I should just print stack traces within doInBackground)?"

Romain Guy, inexplicably writing as rbair, introduces the
SwingX Online Components Store:
"Richard and I pre-deployed the online components store for SwingX: Just check the components you want to use, click Download and you're good. The bulk of the work is done but we still have some things to do. The descriptions have been auto generated by a Python script so they must be worked on. We also need a description at the top and I have to finish implementing the "Select All" and "Deselect All" buttons at the bottom. Overall it works really well, plus it's quite fast. The server just streams you the JAR when you hit the Download button. Give it a try and enjoy!"

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Bringing in news feeds from near and far