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Mustang Maintenance Review 1

Posted by mreinhold on March 22, 2006 at 11:38 AM PST

Yesterday we posted the first href="">Maintenance Review for the
Mustang (Java SE 6)

This review describes the details of all the changes and additions made to
the Java SE platform specification in Mustang that aren’t themselves
specified by their own JSRs. Small enhancements such as the new href="">java.awt.Desktop
class, e.g., are specified in this maintenance review, whereas a big new
feature like the href="">
compiler API is specified by its own JSR,  href="">199.

The maintenance review also contains countless small corrections to the
platform specification. The bulk of these are summarized in a set of href="">API
difference pages which show the changes made between Tiger and

This is just the first Mustang maintenance review, reflecting the content
of the first beta release. There’ll
be another MR around the time of the second beta release, and a final MR for
the release candidate. The second and third MRs are expected to be much
smaller than the first.

The past is prologue

How is it that we’re doing a maintenance review for Mustang when Mustang
hasn’t even been finished yet?

Good question! In fact technically this is a JCP Maintenance Review of the
Tiger (J2SE 5.0) specification, href="">JSR 176. This is just an
artifact of the way that the Java Community
works. The smaller, non-JSR changes and additions in the Tiger
release, likewise, were covered in maintenance reviews of the Merlin
(J2SE 1.4) specification, href="">JSR 59.

Comments welcome!

The formal MR-1 period ends in thirty days, but you can send feedback to
the e-mail address listed in the review materials at any time.