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New Java VM blog is coming...

Posted by cos on March 31, 2006 at 10:04 AM PST

Hi there

Again a message mostly for those, who is speaking or at least reading

Our folks from Saint-Petersburg href="">I
was writing about this great city before SQE team are starting
their own blog, designated for the Russia-speaking development crowd.

The blog, I believe, will be a real first hand's value-add for
existing Java VM resources, about modern VM techniques, tools,
security features, co-existence with .NET, etc.

There isn't much right now, but the folks will carry on fast, I think.

You can find this new information resource at
at the official Sun
blogging site

So, if you have colleagues or friends, who are suffering without such
information, written in Russian - please pass by my message or simply
the URL above.

Let's wish them good luck and God speed!




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